Download Stremio for PC (Windows 11/10/8.1/Mac) – Latest APK 2024

If you are here then you know about Stremio. However, for those who are unaware, Stremio is a platform that holds a ton load of movies, web series, Live TV channels, and documentaries. Moreover, you can access YouTube videos and even Twitch TV on it.

OnStream for PC

With Stremio, you can let go of all your paid subscriptions to popular OTT platforms as all the shows available on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and others are available here for free. Hence, to get the big screen experience with your favorite titles in HD, let us check out how you can get the Stremio app working on your Windows/MAC PC. You can also, check out – Download Tele Latino APK on PC FREE (Windows & Mac) – LATEST✔.

How Stremio Work on PC?

Stremio works on the add-on principle. It comes with its add-on catalog. These add-ons act like search engines to look for content. Two types of add-ons are available on the platform namely official add-ons (managed by the developers of the app itself) and community add-ons (added by the users). You require installing add-ons here to get content that the particular installed add-on supports. As an example, if you wish to get content from Netflix, you can install a Netflix add-on.

Free Content on Stremio with Add-Ons

What Features Do You Get?

  • Amazing UI

After you add the particular add-on, you can easily look for the title you wish to stream on the highly responsive UI using the advanced search facility. Look directly for the title you wish to stream or filter content based on ratings, year of release, genre, etc.

  • It keeps track for you

The platform maintains a dedicated history section where you can easily check out the titles you have been streaming. Based on your viewing history, you get recommendations as well.

  • One App for All

Instead of having multiple OTT apps, you can just install Stremio and with the assistance of add-ons, stream content from any OTT app you want. Hence, gone is the hassle of switching between multiple OTT apps.

  • Design your video library

You can add titles to your video library. Based on the titles that you add, you will receive intelligent alerts for a new episode, a sequel to a movie, new seasons for the web series, and more. In short, you can leave everything to Stremio and the app will make sure you do not miss anything.

Get Stremio on PC [Windows 11/10/7/8.1 & MAC]

There are two ways you can install Stremio on a PC. You can download/install the app version directly on a Windows/MAC PC or use the Android Emulator method. Please note that the PC version of the app is in beta stage as of now. For your convenience, we have covered both methods in this post.

Method 1 > Install Stremio App PC version

Installing the PC version is simple. Just download the setup file from the below links, install them, and you are good to go.

   Download for Windows

   Download for MAC [High Sierra & Up]

   Download for MAC [El Captain to Sierra]

Method 2 > Install Stremio on PC with LDPlayer Android Emulator


Before we delve into this installation method, please take care of the following prerequisites.

  • To run Stremio on a PC, you require an Android Emulator. We will be utilizing LDPlayer for this purpose. To learn more about LDPlayer and to install it on your PC, check out the link below.

   Download LDPlayer

LDPlayer Installation Progress

  • Next, you will require the latest Stremio Android APK File. For your convenience, we have provided the link below to download the same. Alternatively, you can download the latest APK file from the Google Play Store as well.

   Download Latest APK File

Installation Process

  • Launch LDPlayer on your PC.

Start LDPlayer from the Desktop

  • Now here, again you can follow either of the two ways.
    • Go to the APK Download location on your system and drag and drop the downloaded APK file onto the interface of LD Player to kick-start the installation process.
    • Alternatively, you can launch the inbuilt Google Play Store (within LDPlayer), search for Stremio APK, and download/install the app directly via Play Store.
  • Launch the app after successful installation.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q - After installing Stremio, I see my disk occupied space increasing. Why?

Stremio has its own cache that holds up the video files when you initiate streaming. You can go to Cache Settings and choose how much space you want to give to the cache.

Q - Does Stremio work directly in the browser?


Q - Do we have ads on Stremio?

Ads, though they are present, are completely non-intrusive and does not affect your playback experience.

Q - Can I download content from Stremio?

No! However, the feature might come up as a part of future updates.

Q - Is Stremio compatible with Chromecast?


Q - Is Stremio safe?

This depends on the add-on that you are utilizing. If you are using the torrent add-on to stream torrents, make sure you utilize a paid VPN service along with it.

Conclusion – Download Stremio for PC Windows 11/10/8.1/Mac

That covers Stremio on PC from our side. Go ahead, install the app, and explore the vast variety of content available for free. We would love to hear about your experience of using the app in the comments below. Feel free to ask questions, if any.

Thank You.

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